Car Cover fits BMW Z3

£70.50 Including Vat


This a Lightweight waterproof half size car cover, a convenient way to protect your car from the elements. It will keep your car’s windscreens and roof dry and frost free in winter climates and cool in the summer. Protects from rain, snow, ice, hot sunshine, dust, birds, animals, tree sap, knocks and scratches. Made from a durable, waterproof fabric with an anti scratch inner lining. The half size car cover is a popular choice for soft top cars and cars with problem leaky roofs. It is easy to compress and pop in the boot when not in use making it ideal for daily use and car shows. And very easy to fit, it takes just a minute or two which makes it ideal for cars used on a daily basis. Soft elastic straps stretch around the front and rear of the car and stretch polyester pockets fit over the mirrors helping to keep it securely in place.


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