Heavy Duty Executive Car Cover | 3 Under Car Straps

£84.98 Including Vat



With over 7,000 sold directly through our website, we have been able to work continuously with our customers to create and refine a cover that they love.

So why do our customers love this cover?

The 4 under-car straps ensure that the cover is completely windproof, this means you won’t be waking in the middle of the night worrying if your cover is staying put! – The front and rear hems are elasticated too to make sure the cover is always secure and safe.

The cover features 5 microlayer state-of-the-art patented fabric to ensure that your prized possession always stays dry – 100% waterproof, always.

The cover comes with a storage bag that the cover can actually fit into, without the need to be an origami world champion (just stuff it in!). An extra carry bag with handles is included too.

There is a light anti-scratch lining on the inside of the cover. Please note, this isn’t a fleece lining (fleece linings absorb moisture and damage paintwork). It is almost invisible, designed to stop any scratches, whilst not acting like a sponge soaking up moisture and damaging your paintwork.

We include a 5-year-guarantee with all purchases. We know we have a great product, so why not stand behind it?

How to know what size cover you need?

The easiest and simplest way to find out which cover to order is as follows:

Google your car make and model followed by the term ‘dimensions’ e.g. “Mercedes C Class 2019 dimensions”

Google shows us that our vehicle is 4,686mm in length – so Large is best.

You also have the old school option of manually measuring your car.

Failing that, just ask in the Q&A. We are always available to help!

We are currently running a discounted price on trial, buy now whilst stocks last.


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