Nonslip Rubber Backing Front Seat Cover with Anchor

£20.38 Including Vat



Product Description

You’ve experienced it before–there are muddy paw prints on your car seats, bits of fur everywhere and scratches from your pup’s nails on the leather upholstery. Moreover, you have to spend times to clean the car after every outing.

Discover the solution for mess front seat that is so effective and simple, you will swear it came from the magical realm of Alfheim! Order an Alftheim dog front seat cover and make every safe, comfortable, and clean outing with your dog

By using our front seat dog cover, you can take your dog on the direst of adventures and come home with a spotlessly clean car seat!

  • UNIVERSAL FIT–This front seat dog cover measures 22.5×20 inches in size to fit all cars, trucks, and SUVs. As this universal fit size, you can install this seat cover in the front seat(both driver seat and the copilot seat) of any vehicle.
  • NON-SLIP–The features of this front seat dog cover are the anchors, that hold it securely in place, and it has a non-slip rubber backing that prevents slip-sliding so you NO NEED TO WORRY about dirt, dander or claw marks on your seats.
  • EASY TO CLEAN–When the front seat dog cover gets dirty, you can just remove it with ease and launder it in the washing machine to get it fresh, clean and ready for use again.
  • HIGH QUALITY–Our dog front seat cover is made by the FINEST MATERIALS: top oxford which is GOOD ABRASION RESISTANCE, RESISTANCE TO BITE and DURABLE. furthermore, this product has certain ability to ABSORB WATER. And also cortical reinforcement at the junction so that has good toughness. As this superior quality, this front seat dog cover can stand the test of time and backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE–Our front seat dog cover is EASY TO INSTALL with the adjustable headrest straps and quick-release buckles. You can quickly install or remove it in just two minutes! Your car will be more beautiful when decorated with a series of Alfheim products, such as front seat dog cover, back seat car cover and cargo liner. All of them are produced from an integrated design, which has a comfortable style and a unified color.


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