Waterproof Green Economy Tarpaulin 80gsm Groundsheet Cover

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From: £7.67

From: £7.67



Waterproof Green Economy Tarpaulin 80gsm Groundsheet Cover

Green 80gsm Economy Tarpaulins are a lightweight, easy to handle range, widely used as temporary waterproof covers for applications in the home and workplace including camping groundsheets, wood stack covers, building site covers, sandpit covers, garden furniture cover, pallet covers and salt stack covers. Our economy tarpaulins come with 12mm aluminium eyelets at metre intervals in rope reinforced hems, and remain flexible even in sub-zero temperatures. With an 8 x 8 weave count, these poly tarps are UV protected, rotproof and shrinkproof. A popular and versatile tarpaulin for a huge number of uses, these covers are also available in blue and white.


1. Waterproof
2. 80 gsm
3. HDPE weave with LDPE lamination
4. 8 x 8 weave count
5. Rotproof & Shrinkproof & UV Protected
6. Lightweight & Easy to Handle
7. Aluminium Eyelets Every Metre
8. Rope Reinforced Hems
9. Available in 21 sizes
10. Colours Available: Green

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5 reviews for Waterproof Green Economy Tarpaulin 80gsm Groundsheet Cover

  1. Jacob

    This sheet is great. very large and this is exactly what I needed. Quite a basic type of product but it does its job perfectly. I don’t know whether others will expect anything more from this than I did but it does perfectly well at the main thing it is intended for, covering something up.

  2. Oliver

    Cheap & huge plus well packed. Exactly what I need to collect hedge trimmings easily throw over a log pile etc. Not the strongest or thickest but it’s still quite heavy folded & a good budget item. It’s predecessor lasted for many years & is now in two halves & both still in use, so I’m sure this will also serve us well.

  3. Oscar

    I bought this some time ago to cover our wood pile in our garden (dry wood is essential for our wood burning stove). The tarpaulin is still watertight after such later.
    Absolutely perfect – highly recommend!

  4. Daniel

    I am using this to cover my garden furniture for the winter – it is a large size, made very strong and has the convenience of being able to secure it with ropes. Highly recommended! The green color is also a lot more suitable for a garden.

  5. Adam

    This stuff is prime. It’s huge and green – what else could you need?
    The build quality is good enough for me and with it being SO BIG, you can just fold it in half or quarters and clip the corners together and you’ve got double/quad ply anyway.
    Highly Recommended

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