Waterproof Green Tarpaulin 150gsm Heavy Duty Ground Sheet

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From: £12.46

From: £12.46



Waterproof Green Tarpaulin 150gsm Heavy Duty Ground Sheet
These tarpaulins can be used for Garden Furniture, Camping Groundsheets, Wood Stack Covers, Sandpit Covers, Landscaping, Construction and Boating.
Please note that all sizes of tarpaulins are cut sizes before the manufactoring process, therefore the sizes may differ slightly by +/- 5%. The images shown are for illustrative purposes only and fixings may vary.

1. Green
2. 150gsm
3. Aluminium Eyelets all round approximately every 0.9m
4. Rope reinforced hems all round
5. Waterproof
6. Shrink Proof

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5 reviews for Waterproof Green Tarpaulin 150gsm Heavy Duty Ground Sheet

  1. Hugo

    Decided on free postage and didn’t expect delivery for a few days, however it came very quickly. Much better quality than I was expecting, thick and well finished with extra support on the corners. I needed to cover the roof of my stables until I can get permanent repairs done and was very pleased that this tarp was larger than the estimated size which meant I had plenty to anchor down the front and back. Being green in colour also makes it less obvious, and less of an eyesore to local neighbours. All in all one of the best purchases I have made from Amazon. Having withstood the rain and wind so far, I’m hoping it will remain intact until fairer weather permits a proper roof repair.

  2. Elliot

    These are fantastic value for money not only that their quality is very good indeed. We have bought 2 in different sizes recently the larger one is for waterproof roof cover for our Miniature Shetland ponies hut. They used it during the hot spell and now using it when heavy rain does am so pleased with this. Also a smaller one, once again this is for a smaller hut for my miniature Shetland pony she is just a young one,
    Would certainly recommend these to anyone no matter what you have to cover they really are fantastic. Thank you again,

  3. Ronnie

    This is a brilliant tarpaulin – we use it to keep half of the chicken run dry. It’s much better than the thin ones we’d been using in the past. Has lasted a long time so far, no visible tearing, or thinning, despite heavy winds. It does not flap or make an annoying rustling noise in the wind, so doesn’t scare the chickens, and doesn’t annoy us or the neighbours in the morning/evening when you really don’t want to hear it!

  4. Tyler

    I like it covers my boat plenty of eyelets to tie down with good quality well worth the wait
    But size measurement was not accurate although loses one star.

  5. Tommy

    I would rate this medium duty, not heavy duty. The size is also a lot smaller than stated.
    6 meters is 19.6 feet but mine was only a little over 18 foot so it was a tight fit.
    Still quality seems good. We will see when the next storm hits as to how waterproof it is.

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