Waterproof/Snowproof/Sunproof/Dustproof/Windproof Scratch Resistant Fit Car Cover

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  • 430x 160x 115CM
  • 505x 154x 128CM
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  • 100% WATERPROOF- There is one layer of waterproof film, which protect against rain and water; Ultrasonic seams technology prevent water from seeping into seams.
  • FITMENT- Elastic hem around the bottoms for snug fit. The below car models in description are for reference. Size 505x 154x 128CM
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL- 3 Layers of spunbond Polypropylene + 1 Layer of waterproof PE Film+1 Layer of UV Stabilizer,Waterproof Snowproof Sunproof Dustproof Windproof Scratch Resistant car cover
  • PROTECTION- Protects for your vehicle from rain, harmful UV rays, dirt, dust, snow, ice, industrial pollutants and bird droppings.
  • WINDPROOF- straps and buckle at the bottom to protect your car cover in heavy wind from blowing off.

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430x 160x 115CM, 505x 154x 128CM


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